François Thisdale - Joe and Carlos

François Thisdale - Joe and Carlos

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From the picture book That Squeak by Carolyn Beck, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2015

About the book: Joe and Jay were best friends. There was nothing more fun than spending the day exploring on their bikes. But things have changed now. Jay is gone and Joe can't help but notice that his parents have forgotten that Jay's bike is still parked outside the school. Joe decides to take the bike home — to polish it and paint it up just like Jay would have liked. That is when the new kid Carlos offers to help — but he probably just wants to steal it. Then again, maybe there is more to Carlos's story than meets the eye. And maybe Joe has finally found a new friend to share the special place and the bike that has "that squeak" with.

I had so much fun creating these vintage 1970's bicycles, coming right from my childhood. I found real vintage bicycles at my local bike shop, the owner being a collector. I took many pictures to inspire my work.

Awards: TD Children’s Literature Award Finalist; IBBY Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Honour Book.

18.25 by 10.5 inches  

Acrylic and watercolor on art print

Unframed, signed