François Thisdale -  Anna & Maestro Vivaldi

François Thisdale - Anna & Maestro Vivaldi

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From the picture book Anna Maria & Maestro Vivaldi (Jan Coates, Fitzhenry & Whiteside) 2022

About the book: This is the story of a young orphan whose only joy is the singing of her violin. She meets Vivaldi, an 18th century composer who became one of the most renowned figures in European classical music. With Anna Maria's synesthesia — her gift for "seeing" music — and an imagined context for the creation of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. This is a poetic tale of belonging, diversity, and music history, set amidst the striking architecture of Venice.

18.5 by 9 inches 

Fine art print on acid free archival ink jet fine art paper

Unframed, signed