François Thisdale -  Kateri’s Dream

François Thisdale - Kateri’s Dream

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From the picture book Missing Nimâmâ, by Melanie Florence, Clockwise Press, 2015

About the book: A young mother, one of the many missing indigenous women, watches over her small daughter as she grows up without her Nimama, experiencing important milestones - her first day of school, first dance, first date, wedding, first child - from afar. A free verse story of love, loss, and acceptance told in alternating voices. Missing Nimama shows the human side of a tragic set of circumstances.

One of the most touching and stirring storie I ever had the chance to illustrate. In this image, I wanted to capture  the strenght of love between Kateri and her grandmother, her Nohkom.

Awards: TD Children’s Literature Award winner; Golden Oak Award winner; Storytelling World Award winner.

11.5 by 14.75  inches  

Acrylic and watercolor on art print

Unframed, signed.